Go get Firefox 3!

Go get Firefox 3!

Get FirefoxToday will be a day of infamy fame, err… it’ll be cool.   Ok… maybe not that amazing, but it might be cool.  The Mozilla Foundation has just released the latest version of Firefox. What does version 3 give you?  It’s faster, sleeker, consumes less memory and gives more functionality.

Today is special because they want to set a new Guinness World Record for the most downloads of a software product in a 24 hour period.  It started at 10AM PDT and is still going.

If you aren’t using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer, then shame on you.

Not only is Firefox a better, more secure and faster product, it’s also open-source. Which means several things.  Firstly, it’s free!  Yay! Secondly, it’s free!  You may say that I just said that, but there are two different uses of the word free.  There’s free when speaking of price, but there is also free when speaking of speech.  Internet Explorer is free (price), but not free (speech).  Firefox, although it is developed by Mozilla, can be changed, re-written and distributed by anybody.  In fact, there are a few other projects that liked what Mozilla started with, but didn’t like the direction or a trademark and so they started their own version of Firefox (renaming it).

Although there are offshoots, Firefox reigns supreme in the browser war as the “other browser.”  Internet Explorer has had a foothold for many years, but Firefox is changing that.  And this version brings us that much closer.

So go get it.  Let freedom ring!

Get Firefox

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  1. Mike W. says:

    It’s definitely faster than the previous version on my computer. Firefox had been giving me trouble (locking up) since I installed OS X Leopard (probably because of limited RAM). Hopefully Firefox 3.0 will be more consistent.

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