Design your dream home — online

Design your dream home — online exampleDesigning your own home just got a lot easier. Suite75 (from the Netherlands) has created a fantastic application which allows you to not only create your own floorplan, but also design what goes inside.

Buying a new home, rearranging your room, or moving into a new office? You can save time and have more fun if you lay out your ideas ahead of time.

And the coolest part, it’s free!

Well, it’s free for the average home user. If you want to use it professionally, then of course, there is cost involved. Go ahead, try it out and if you like it, sign up for a free account.

Note: Although it may sound like it, they aren’t paying me, I just though it was cool.

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  1. abbey says:

    this sounds like a great tool and it’s free

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