“Fat Tax” could save 3200 lives a year

“Fat Tax” could save 3200 lives a year

ObesityA study coming from Oxford University is proposing a 17.5% “Fat Tax” to curb demand for sugary and unhealthy foods. The researchers claim that such a steep tax would reduce demand for these products and in turn save lives… an estimated 3200 lives a year.

In addition, those who do ignore the tax will be generating additional tax dollars for local governments. Perhaps the philosophy on this is to help pay the public health care costs for afflictions cause by obesity.

Personally, I’d like to see higher taxes on cigarettes and alcohol. That being said, I think if you compare the numbers obesity is right up there with tobacco as a killer and cause of excessive health care costs.

Is it time we start “encouraging” those who eat too much and eat unhealthily by hitting them in the wallet?

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