Making money count

Making money count

You know the saying…  in order to make money, you have to have money.  It refers mostly to making money in real estate and the stock market.  But Japanese billionaire Genshiro Kawamoto sees it a little differently.  He believes that you need money to help people.

This story really caught my attention.  After doing a little more investigation, I have to ask why there aren’t more people like this in the world? Here’s a man that spent $115 million to purchase around 20 homes in a very affluent neighborhood in Hawaii.  He then will rent these homes to low-income families for $150 a month!  Wow!  That’s less then what a lot of people pay for their mobile phones.

Now, let’s not forget that he is a business man.  He’s not really loosing a ton of money in this deal.  Sure, he’s giving up rent money (which I honestly don’t know how much that would be), but in the long run, when he goes to sell these homes again, he will make plenty of money from the appreciation.

The amazing thing is, most people in that situation would want to make that extra money from rent.  Some have criticized him saying that it is a publicity stunt.  But he’s done this before.  If he wanted to donate that $115 million, he would get a tax break from it.  But he would rather provide opportunities for less fortunate families.

I admire this man.

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