Intolerance: stupidity or lack of education?

Intolerance: stupidity or lack of education?

Once again, just a few uneducated (or stupid) individuals can display the intolerance of an entire region or country.  In this CNN article a man was so threatened by a Muslim group purchasing neighboring land that he started pig races and served sausage.

Not only did he show his intolerance, but also his lack of education.  Pig races don’t offend Muslims.  They just don’t eat pigs.  He was obviously trying to be offensive.

Perhaps this guy should move to Virginia to be part of  Virgil Goode’s voting district.

And again, I ask the question.  How can America be so racist when we have so many different races as part of our culture.  I think we need more people from the Middle East and India.  We are too European.

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