The life of an Engineer

The life of an Engineer

I’m not sure what the typical engineer deals with each day at work, but lately, I’ve been having way too much “fun.”

The last three weeks have been brutal for me. My team has been working on a new version of our product and everyone has been putting in extra time. I have a different role on our team as the “Life Support Lead.” That was supposed to mean that I lead a team of 2 or 3 in dealing with what we termed “Life Support” issues.

Because our product is fairly immature, we are still in a “burn in phase” where the product sometimes feels like it should be in beta (for non-techies, that means still not fully released to the public but available to early adopters). My team would be the guys who would investigate any serious, high priority issues/bugs. Well, my Life Support team ended up being just me.

So even though I really didn’t have a deadline to meet (for the new release), I felt like I should put in the extra time just like the rest of my team. The problem for me is, there is no end. As the bugs come in, I deal with them. And when the high priority ones are resolved, I move to the lower priority. But that hasn’t happened yet. With each passing day, I get more high priority bugs that need fixing.

So to make a long story short, that’s the reason for my lack of writing. I’ve been putting in 12-14 hour days at work and my blog has suffered (as well as my family). That being said, I’ve stored up some blog topics… which will be flushed out in the coming days… for your reading pleasure.

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