BYU was robbed!

BYU was robbed!

I normally don’t blame the refs for a loss, but this one was ridiculous! So BYU lost to Cal 35-28. Admittedly, BYU didn’t play very well, but there were two crucial calls that were completely wrong. The two calls were even reviewed! One was even overturned by the guys upstairs.

Of course the calls I am talking about are the catch and fumble in the 3rd quarter, by Jonny Harline (this was the one that they overturned) and the touchdown catch by Cal’s Jackson, which was obviously not a catch.

I’m just a little torqued off right now!

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  1. Mike says:


    There was an obviously better team between the two. BYU’s offense kept the game interesting, but the defense couldn’t stop Cal at all. Those two calls were important, but didn’t change the outcome of the game. Until BYU can stop good receivers (Notre Dame) and good running backs (TCU and Cal) they will not be an elite team.

  2. Danno says:

    I agree, but that doesn’t mean that BYU couldn’t have pulled out the upset if those two calls had gone their way (the correct way). There are all kinds of examples where the better team looses because the underdog just had more heart of the ball bounced in their favor.

    This could easily have been one of those games. BYU was obviously less talented than Cal, but that doesn’t mean the couldn’t have won. And that is where I believe those two calls came in. If those calls had been correct, I think BYU would have won.

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