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Why is BYU successfull right now?

It’s all summed up in a single quote from BYU’s head coach, Bronco Mendenhall: “What’s happening here isn’t about me,” he says. “My ultimate goal is for my job to be expendable, where I could walk away from this program and have it continue on without missing a beat. We’re a lot closer to that…
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New LDS.org Mapping

Have you ever been on vacation and wanted to know where the closest LDS Church is?  How about moving to a new area and wondering to which ward you belong, to which building you should go and what time are services? The IT team for the church has just released a beta version of their…
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iPhone scriptures (and more)

I’ve reviewed the iPhone in the past and although I love the device, it has it’s problems and I have my pet peeves.  One of the cons I mentioned in my review was a lack of third-party applictions.  And although I am waiting with baited breath for the iPhone SDK (promised by end of February),…
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